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Understanding Society Working Paper Series 2018-07

Understanding data linkage consent in longitudinal surveys


Publication date

03 Jul 2018


We explore the cognitive process by which respondents decide whether or not to consent to having their survey data linked to administrative records. Using data from the Understanding Society household panel study we document the extent of inconsistencies in respondents’ consent decisions, between data domains and over time, and the impact of the mode of data collection on consent. To understand the reasons for inconsistencies and why the mode affects consent, we report on qualitative in-depth interviews that examine how respondents understand the consent request and which factors influence their decision.


Psychology and Survey Methodology


This working paper has now been published as a book chapter. When citing please refer to the published chapter and cite as: Jäckle, A., Beninger, K., Burton, J., and Couper, M.P. (2021) 'Understanding data linkage consent in longitudinal surveys’ in P. Lynn (ed.) Advances in Longitudinal Survey Methodology. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley. Ch. 6:122-150.

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