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Understanding Society Working Paper Series 2017-12

Understanding how people conceptualise household finances


Publication date

03 Nov 2017


ISER commissioned Kantar Public to conduct in-depth face-to-face qualitative interviews to explore how people conceptualise household finances. A Financial Flow model of income and expenditure that was used during the ninth wave of the Understanding Society Innovation Panel was reviewed by the participants. This research provides valuable insight through the mapping of household finances activity, particularly in relation to how participants conceptualise their flow of money, how closely they budget or manage their finances and gaining insight into the complexity of incomes. As well as contributing to the understanding of how people conceptualise household finances, the qualitative research also provides recommendations for improving the way that this information is elicited from participants.


Households, Survey Methodology, Income Dynamics, Savings And Assets, Household Economics, Debt: Indebtedness, and Finance

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