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Understanding Society Working Paper Series 2010-04

Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 2: results from methodological experiments


Publication date

10 Nov 2010


This paper presents some preliminary findings from the Wave 2 Innovation Panel (IP2) of Understanding Society: The UK Household Longitudinal Study. Understanding Society is a major new panel survey for the UK. In April 2009, the second wave of the Innovation Panel was fielded. This paper describes the design of IP2, the experiments carried and the preliminary findings from early analysis of the data. The main design features of Understanding Society are outlined and the design and conduct of IP2 described. The results of methodological experiments carried at IP2 are reported and the impact of IP2 on the design of the main survey reviewed.


Contributors: Sarah Budd, Annette J├Ąckle, Stephanie McFall, Alita Nandi, Lucinda Platt, Steve Pudneyand Emanuela Sala

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