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ISER Working Paper Series 2010-22

Yearning, learning and conceding: (some of) the reasons people change their childbearing intentions


Publication date

01 Jul 2010


People’s childbearing intentions change over their lives. These changes are sometimes conceptualised as a response to constraints such as the biological clock or lack of a partner. However, we find that they are influenced by a much wider range of factors: social norms; adaptation to the wishes of a partner; re-partnering; and learning about the costs and benefits of parenthood. In a departure from existing studies we analyse increases in planned fertility separately from decreases; we conclude that the determinants of increases in planned fertility are not simply equal and opposite to the determinants of decreases.

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  1. Yearning, learning, and conceding: reasons men and women change their childbearing intentions

    Maria Iacovou and Lara Patrício Tavares


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