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ISER Working Paper Series 2009-19

Participation in disability benefit programmes: a partial identification analysis of the British Attendance Allowance system


Publication date

25 Jun 2009


We investigate the processes underlying payment of Attendance Allowance (AA) in the
older UK population, using a partial identication approach. Receipt of AA requires that
(i) a claim is made and (ii) programme administrators assess the claim as warranting an
award. These processes cannot be analysed directly because we observe neither potentially successful unpursued claims, nor rejected claims. Combining survey data with weak prior restrictions and aggregate information on claim success rates, we are able to distinguish clearly the behaviour of potential claimants and assessors. Results suggest that there are many potentially successful AA claims which are not pursued.


Is referred to by: Great Britain. Department of Health (2015) Social Care Funding Reform Impact Assessment, IA No: 9531. [London]: Department of Health.

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