UKMOD – United Kingdom (UK) country report 2020-2026

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CeMPA Working Paper Series

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CeMPA Working Paper Series


Publication date

March 26, 2023


UKMOD is a tax-benefit model for the UK and its constituent nations. It uses the EUROMOD platform. For more information on UKMOD visit and on EUROMOD, see: UKMOD enables researchers and policy analysts to calculate the effects of taxes and benefits on household incomes and work incentives for the UK as a whole or for the population of the each of its nations. This is done in a comparable manner with other models using the EUROMOD platform.   UKMOD is updated to recent policy systems using data from the Family Resources Survey (FRS) as the input database. This report documents the work done in one annual update. This work was carried out by the UKMOD developer team, based at ISER at the University of Essex. UKMOD Principal Investigator: Matteo Richiardi UKMOD Developers: Daria Popova, Justin van de Ven The results presented in this report are derived using UKMOD version B1.07. UKMOD is continually being improved and the results presented here may not match those obtained with later model versions.


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