Global and dimensions of mental health in arthritis patients

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January 9, 2023


Arthritis is one of the main clusters of long-lasting musculoskeletal and joint disorders. Recently, there has been increasing interest in the impact of arthritis patients’ mental health, which has mainly focused on depression and anxiety in clinical samples. However, much less is known about how domains of mental health based on the widely used 12-item version of the general health survey (GHQ-12) are affected by arthritis. The current research answered this question using confirmatory factor analysis, general linear models, and one-sample t-tests on a nationally representative sample from the United Kingdom with 5588 arthritis patients and 8794 participants indicating that they were not clinically diagnosed with arthritis. The current study found that (1) a total of three factors of GHQ-12 that are labeled GHQ-12A (social dysfunction and anhedonia; six items), GHQ-12B (depression and anxiety; four items), and GHQ-12C (loss of confidence; two items), and (2) both the global mental health and dimensions of mental health are negatively affected by arthritis. Clinicians could use the results from the present study to make better treatment decisions for patients with arthritis.

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