A framework for the re-collection of biomarkers in Understanding Society at Wave 16

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Understanding Society Working Paper Series

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Understanding Society Working Paper Series


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October 3, 2022


Adding the collection of objective measures of health (biomarkers) to Understanding Society, on a regular basis, will significantly add to opportunities for ‘biosocial’ research to better understand the two-way relationship between society and health Understanding Society was funded by ESRC to collect biomarker data at Waves 2/3 and has recently been funded to re-collect biomarker data at Wave 16. This working paper outlines a framework of four possible research themes that such a biomarker data collection could support:Understanding the biological pathways that connect society and health.Prevalence of undiagnosed/sub-clinical measures in different social groups.Measuring impacts associated with macro-change in society (including unforeseen events).National representativeness/benchmarking.It explains why Understanding Society is an effective study through which to support research under each theme and identifies which of the proposed biomarkers to be included in Wave 16 will contribute to each theme.


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