Comparing regional patterns of homeownership entry across four British birth cohorts

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Journal Article


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July 29, 2022


Difficulties accessing homeownership and reduced rates of owner-occupation among recent birth cohorts are a major concern for Global North policymakers. However, surprisingly little is known about how patterns of entry into homeownership have varied spatially across the early lives of recent birth cohorts. Using life course perspectives and survey data, this study examines how regional disparities in homeownership trajectories and transitions have varied across the life courses of four birth cohorts who entered the British housing system after 1990. The results show a nonlinear pattern of postponed homeownership across cohorts which has not varied greatly across regions. London is the most distinctive area and delayed homeownership transitions have long been a feature of the capital’s housing market. Taken together, the findings illustrate the value of more thoroughly examining how place intersects with biographical and historical time in nuanced ways to shape housing careers.

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Housing Studies






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