Direct and indirect health impacts of COVID-19 in England

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September 17, 2021


Paper prepared by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and Office for National Statistics (ONS) on health impacts of COVID-19. This paper was available for participants to read at SAGE 95 on 9 September 2021, but not considered or discussed in the meeting. As new evidence or data emerges, SAGE updates its advice accordingly.

This paper is the long form version of the accompanying paper, DHSC: Direct and Indirect health impacts of COVID-19 in England short paper, 9 September 2021, presented at SAGE 95.

These documents are released as pre-print publications that have provided the government with rapid evidence during an emergency. These documents have not been peer-reviewed and there is no restriction on authors submitting and publishing this evidence in peer-reviewed journals.



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