Comparative Panel File: household panel surveys from seven countries. Manual for CPF v.1.0

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June 1, 2020


The Comparative Panel File (CPF) is an open science project to harmonise the world’s major and longest-running household panel surveys from seven countries: Australia (HILDA), Germany (SOEP), Great Britain (BHPS and UKHLS), Korea (KLIPS), Russia (RLMS), Switzerland (SHP), and the United States (PSID). The project aims to support the social science community in the analysis of comparative life course data. The project is designed as an open-science platform for cooperation in the development of the code. The code integrates individual and household panel data from all seven surveys into a harmonised dataset that contains 2.7 million observations from 360 thousand respondents, covering the period from 1968 and up to 40 panel waves per respondent. The Manual explains how to work with the syntax.






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