Origins and destinations: a rejoinder

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Journal Article


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June 1, 2019


Origins and Destinations seeks to provide an insight into the experiences of the second generation, namely the children of immigrants. Luthra, Soehl and Waldinger bring together their research on the second generation, focusing specifically on New York and Los Angeles, in order to look at both the places of origin and the destinations of the second generation. An important argument throughout the book is the need to situate the children of immigrants within an international analytical frame and to explore the complexity of their experiences of adaptation and integration. In order to explore these issues in more depth we invited Jennifer van Hook, Sin Yi Cheung, Filiz Garip and Claudia Diehl to provide critical discussions of the book and its arguments. Their commentaries take up key themes in the book and seek to situate it within wider debates about migration and the growth of the second generation. At the end of the Symposium the authors provide a response to their interlocutors and address the key issues raised. Given the importance of current debates about immigration and the second generation, both in the United States and more globally, we hope that this discussion will be of interest to a broad section of our readership.

Published in

Ethnic and Racial Studies

Volume and page numbers

Volume: 42 , p.2 -2








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