Measuring poverty 2019 – results tables: 2019 release

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July 29, 2019


Summary data for the figures appearing in the July 2019 report of the Social Metrics Commission.

These results tables provide summary data for the figures appearing in the July 2019 report of the Social Metrics Commission, ‘Measuring poverty 2019’. The tables present statistics on the number and percentage of people living in poverty based on the Commission’s approach to measuring poverty. In line with the Commission’s wider measurement framework, data are provided for the depth and persistence of poverty as well as the wider factors that can impact on the lives of people in poverty (Lived Experience Indicators). The tables also include disaggregated data for children, pension-age adults and working-age adults.

The figures are based on analysis of the Family Resources Survey (for poverty and poverty depth) and Understanding Society (for poverty persistence). A combination of these data sources are used to report on Lived Experience Indicators. Historical trends are provided as far back as the data allows.



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