Overview of open access European survey data 3: the UK Household Longitudinal Study

Publication type

Conference Paper


7th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, Lisbon, Portugal, July 17-21, 2017


Publication date

July 18, 2017


Understanding Society is the UK Household Longitudinal Study; a large, annual survey of the same individuals. The study includes a large ethnic minority boost, the former British Household Panel Survey sample, and an Innovation Panel - to facilitate methodological experiments.

The data from the survey is available from the UK Data Archive, free for researchers. This presentation gives potential users information about the study - including the sample design, fieldwork design and response rates. The priority, though, is on the data which are available, including data access regulations, available survey variables and paradata, linked administrative data. In addition, a focus will be on information which can be used for methodological analysis, such as key stroke data, auxiliary information, interviewer characteristics and observations, and experimental designs






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