Is the grass greener on the other side? A longitudinal study of the impact of employer change and occupational change on job satisfaction

Publication type

Journal Article


Publication date

April 15, 2017


Research shows that individuals experience a honeymoon-hangover pattern when they change employers. This study provides further insight into this pattern by comparing the experience of those who change employers within and across occupations. Drawing on the longitudinal data from the British House Panel Survey 1991–2008, we find that the honeymoon effect was primarily driven by the experience of those who change employers across occupations. Patterns of post-transition adaptation also differ between the two categories of job changers. While there is evidence of adaptation of job satisfaction to employer change within occupation, those who change employers across occupations experience a steady decline of intrinsic job satisfaction which continues for at least six years after the transition.

Published in

Journal of Vocational Behavior

Volume and page numbers

Volume: 99 , p.66 -78







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