Measuring National Well-being in the UK, domains and measures: Sept 2016

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Measuring National Well-being


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September 22, 2016


An assessment of UK progress against a set of headline national well-being indicators which include our health, natural environment, personal finances and crime. Change over time is also assessed to establish whether national well-being is improving or deteriorating.




Indicators using Understanding Society: 1) Population Mental Wellbeing 2) Percentage of those in fairly or extremely unhappy relationships 3) Has a spouse or partner, family member or friend to rely on if they have a serious problem 4) Mostly or completely satisfied with their health 5) Some evidence indicating depression or anxiety 6) Mostly or completely satisfied with their job 7) Mostly or completely satisfied with their amount of leisure time 8) Volunteered more than once in the last 12 month 9) Agreed/agreed strongly they felt they belonged to their neighbourhood 10) Mostly or completely satisfied with the income of their household 11) Report finding it quite or very difficult to get by financially. See 'data used' section for details.



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