Intergenerational and inter-ethnic wellbeing: an analysis for the UK

Publication type

Conference Paper


Understanding Society Scientific Conference 2015, 21-23 July 2015, University of Essex, Colchester, UK


Publication date

July 22, 2015


This paper uses Understanding Society data from Wave 3 (a UK nationally
representative dataset) to examine the extent to which family migration
history helps explains inter-ethnic variations in subjective well-being.
We confirm that there is significant variation in wellbeing across
ethnic group and across migrant generations. On average, recent migrants
appear to have higher levels of wellbeing. We also find that, while
language difficulties are associated with lower wellbeing, retaining
cultural links is important: living in areas where one’s own ethnic
group is well represented and having friends from the same ethnic group
is associated with a higher level of wellbeing. Individuals’ choice to
retain cultural ties and identity may alleviate feelings of cultural
distance and difficulties with integration.





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