TREMOD: a microsimulation model for the Province of Trento (Italy)

Publication type

Research Paper

Series Number



FBK-IRVAPP Working Paper Series


Publication date

June 15, 2014


This paper presents the main characteristics of TREMOD, a tax-benefit microsimulation
model for the Italian province of Trento (Italy). TREMOD is based upon the Italian
adaptation of the EUROMOD platform microsimulation model, and its purpose is to
inform local tax and welfare policies. TREMOD is a flexible tool that allows simulation of
the effects of different types of public policies on a plurality of outcomes such as, for
example, individuals’ and households’ income and well-being. The main strength of
TREMOD is the high quality of the data used for its construction. The input database has
been obtained by matching survey data (derived from a local representative survey on
households' life conditions, Indagine sulle condizioni di vita delle famiglie trentine, ICFT)
with administrative data on individual income tax returns. This aspect is one of the main
strengths of TREMOD compared with other experiences in microsimulation modelling. As
we show in this paper, the combination of survey and administrative data ensures good
precision in the simulations and will allow for the integration of other administrative data
sources including pension and labour market records. The first version of TREMOD is a
‘static’ microsimulation model.



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