Collecting biomarkers using trained interviewers. Lessons learned from a pilot study

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Understanding Society Working Paper Series

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Understanding Society Working Paper Series


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August 24, 2012


This paper reports the design and outcomes of a pilot study for the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS), Understanding Society to develop and test the collection of biomeasures by trained non-clinical interviewers. Additional objectives were to assess the data quality and reactions of participants. Biomeasures included anthropometrics, blood pressure, grip strength and collection of saliva and dried blood spots. We implemented measurement protocols, introduced training and certification, and collected data from 92 participants. The study produced information about time, participation and quality of blood samples. The pilot study informs design decisions about the biosocial component of Understanding Society.



PLEASE CITE AS: McFall, S.L., Conolly, A., and Burton, J. (2014) ‘Collecting biomarkers using trained interviewers. Lessons learned from a pilot study’, Survey Research Methods, 8(1):57-65.

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