Quality of life in ethnically diverse neighbourhoods

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August 19, 2011


 Many European countries have seen high levels of immigration from all parts of the world in the past two decades and the population of visible minority ethnic groups has grown rapidly. This report presents the results of a research programme analysing the quality of life in ethnically diverse neighbourhoods in EU15 countries based on the 2007 European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS). The findings confirm that material poverty is often combined with higher degrees of social exclusion in such neighbourhoods. The perceived quality of life is also lower in these areas and in general they have higher levels of social tension. From a policy point of view, this underlines the need for an integrated and comprehensive social and housing policy intervention in affected high-diversity neighbourhoods, with strong involvement of local communities. An executive summary is available.



- http://www.eurofound.europa.eu/publications/htmlfiles/ef1122.htm



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