Towards A European Socio-economic Classification: final report to Eurostat of the Expert Group

Publication type

Research Paper


Final Report


Publication date

January 31, 2001


This is the final report of an expert group convened by Eurostat in order to make recommendations in relation to the development of a harmonised EU socio-economic classification. The authors are grateful to both the expert group and its chair, Lene Mejer, for all the advice and comment we have received both at our two meetings and in written responses to our various papers, reports and electronic documents. Inevitably, given both the complexity of the issues we were asked to address and the limited opportunity of only two meetings at which to exchange views, our discussions have raised questions that require further examination. These are indicated in the report. Equally, we have not been able to take on board all the comments made by each group member. We have occasionally had to exercise our own judgements where there were genuine disagreements. In that sense, although this is a report on behalf of the expert group, as authors we take full responsibility for its contents, as well as for any errors of omission or commission.



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