Homeworking and Teleworking: a cross-sectional analysis

Publication type

Research Paper

Series Number



Research Report


Publication date

August 1, 2002


In summary terms, the report examines teleworking, and homeworking more generally, from several perspectives:

(i) the impact of differing definitions of both homeworking and teleworking on measurement of their incidence;
(ii) identification of types of home-worker by their characteristics;
(iii) the potential productivity effects of home-working as determined by individual income from work;
(iv) estimation of the effect of education and PC skills on the likelihood of various kinds of home-working;
(v) analysis of differences in quality of work between different kinds of home-worker.

The aim is to test the extent to which forms of home-working (including telework) have distinctive effects and causes over and above the personal characteristics and the family requirements of those who engage in them.


Not held in library or ASL. Full text report online (zip): http://www.eurescom.de/e-living/deliverables/e-living-D7.5-Homeworking-and-Teleworking-Issue-1.1-pdf.zip http://www.eurescom.de/e-living/



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