What is needed for informed decisions about prostate cancer screening: perspectives of African American and Hispanic men.

Publication type

Journal Article


Publication date

April 30, 2009


Professional guidelines suggest that men should
learn about risks and benefits of screening to
make informed decisions consistent with their
preferences. We used concept mapping to investigate
views of informed decision making (IDM)
of minority men. Statements about what men
need for IDM about prostate cancer screening
were sorted by similarity and rated for importance
by 16 Hispanic and 15 African-American
men. Multidimensional scaling and cluster
analysis were used to develop a concept map
for IDM. The 10-cluster solution was selected.
The clusters rated most important were labeled
Future Considerations, What to Know and Decision
to Make. Clusters labeled Social Support
and Sharing Perspectives depicted social aspects
of the decision and were intermediate in importance.
There was strong correlation in relative
importance ratings of clusters by African-
American and Hispanic men. However, African-
American men gave higher importance ratings
than Hispanic men. Concept mapping, a method
with strong participatory elements, was useful
in identifying conceptual frameworks for IDM
of African-American and Hispanic men. Health
education to support IDM requires some shifts
in focus and strategy. It is important that interventions
with minority men build upon a strong
conceptual framework.

Published in

Health Education Research: Theory and Practice

Volume and page numbers

Volume: 24 , p.280 -291


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