Youth Poverty: 4 papers rolled into 1

Publication type

Conference Paper


ISER Sandwich Seminar


Publication date

May 24, 2006


Across Europe, young adults face some of the highest poverty rates of all groups in society. In spite of this, youth poverty is an area which has been very much neglected by researchers. Our JRF project 'Youth Poverty in Europe' is an attempt to redress this deficit in understanding. In this seminar, we will present results from a selection of papers on youth poverty, in a non-technical and accessible way. Some material has already been presented at ISER, some will be new to the majority of colleagues. Questions we will ask include:

To what extent is youth poverty a problem across Europe?
Which young people are worst affected, and in which countries?
What situations, and what life events, are associated with an increased risk of poverty?
How far is young people's decision to leave home a rational one?
What is the 'effect' of leaving home on poverty, taking account of selection effects?

And, we will briefly revisit the question of how far young people are supported by their parents when they live at home, this time using an unbiased estimator.



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