Taking the temperature of local communities: the Wellbeing and Resilience Measure – WARM

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June 1, 2010


As public resources shrink it is more important than ever that local areas have ways to think clearly about their priorities and needs.

WARM is a new tool that has been developed to make the most of existing data about localities, combining familiar statistics on such things as jobs and health with new ways of thinking about how happy and resilient communities are.

Developed in partnership with a wide range of local authorities, community groups and national organisations, WARM focuses not just on community needs and vulnerabilities (such as crime or mental illness) but also on community assets (such as strong families and social supports). It's been designed to help areas compare themselves with other similar places, and as a tool to help communities struggling with difficult decisions about priorities for spending and cuts.



- http://www.youngfoundation.org/files/images/WARM__website_copy_.pdf



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