Employment careers and unemployment dynamics of male immigrants in Germany and Great Britain

Publication type

Book Chapter

Series Number

Ch. 7


Working Through Barriers: Host Country Institutions and Immigrant Labour Market Performance in Europe


Publication date

June 1, 2007


This chapter examines employment careers of immigrants as compared to the nativeborn in Germany and the United Kingdom, two countries that differ with respect to several factors potentially influencing immigrant integration and particularly immigration policies, labour market regulation and welfare regimes. Sequence analysis techniques are applied to the existing panel data for both countries exploiting their full potential for the descriptive analysis, while a multivariate event history analysis is conducted to explore the dynamics and to determine the causes of frequent and prolonged unemployment among immigrants in both countries.
The chapter starts with an overview of immigration trends in Germany and the United Kingdom. This is followed by a systematic assessment of a hypothetical role postulated for institutional factors affecting immigrant labour market incorporation in both countries.
Data and methods are described in detail in Section 7.2, while results can be found in
Section 7.3.


Volume: 105-153





by Irena Kogan

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