The ESRC Survey Resources Network: opportunities for the advancement of survey methods

Publication type

Journal Article


Publication date

June 1, 2010


This article describes the Survey Resources Network (SRN). The SRN is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), initially for a period of three years which began in November 2008, but with an expectation that funding will be renewed. The SRN provides training opportunities and practical resources for survey researchers as well as promoting best practice in survey design and implementation. To support these roles, the SRN co-ordinates methodological research funded by the ESRC and provides strategic oversight of survey methodological developments. This article outlines the activities of the SRN and ways in which market researchers might benefit from, and contribute to, them.

Published in

International Journal of Market Research

Volume and page numbers

Volume: 52 (3): 295-302 , p.295 -302




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