Part-time work and activity in voluntary associations in Great Britain

Publication type

Conference Paper


BHPS-2009 Conference: the 2009 British Household Panel Survey Research Conference, 9-11 July 2009, Colchester, UK


Publication date

June 1, 2009


This paper argues that part-time work can affect not only employees work-family balance and their wellbeing but also their activity in voluntary associations. It examines the effects of part-time working on employees activity in voluntary associations in general and in expressive, instrumental and instrumental-expressive associations in particular. Using longitudinal data from the British Household Panel Survey for the period from 1993 to 2005, this study concludes that in Britain part-time work increases the likelihood of individuals involvement in expressive voluntary associations (i.e. associations orientated to relatively immediate benefits for their members) but it can be negative for their involvement in instrumental-expressive (such as trade unions and professional associations) and instrumental (political, environmental, and voluntary service) associations.






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