Changing relationships

Publication type

Journal Article


Publication date

June 1, 2008


Britain in 2009 showcases the diversity of ESRC-funded research around the state of the nation in 2009. The magazine is a mixture of academic opinion pieces alongside informed journalistic writing, offering a concise analysis of research and topical issues concerning Britain today.

An entertaining, accessible and informative magazine, Britain in 2009 will appeal to those who enjoy debate and current affairs and have an interest both in social sciences and UK society.

Features in this edition include:

* The return of depression economics? Government intervention in markets
* Sustainable living: can it work in Britain?
* Changing relationships: how friendship and family networks are evolving
* Surveillance: social benefit or genuine menace?
* The key to prosperity: how to catch up with other countries' productivity
* Kids online: making children cybersafe
* Synthetic biology: benefits and pitfalls of bespoke organisms
* Gangs, guns and knives: the surge in youth violence

Published in

Britain in 2009


Volume: 93-95






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