The development and implementation of a coding scheme to analyse interview dynamics in the British Household Panel Survey

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ISER Working Paper Series

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ISER Working Paper Series


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May 20, 2008


The study of interviewer-respondent interaction that occurs during an interview can
give very useful insights into the cognitive process of answering questions, the social
dynamics that develop in an interview context and the way these dynamics ultimately
impact data quality. Behaviour coding is a technique used to code such interactions.
Despite its long-standing use, little is written about the procedures to be followed
while developing a coding scheme. This paper provides a practical background on the
development and implementation of the behaviour coding scheme adopted to explore
interview dynamics in the framework of dependent interviewing. This schema was
used to code approximately 150 previously transcribed interviews of the British
Household Panel Study Wave 16 pilot. Coding strategies and procedures, coder
recruitment and training reliability assessments as well as timetable and costs are
documented and discussed.



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