Implementing a mixed methods approach to explore the financial implications of death of a life partner

Publication type

Journal Article


Publication date

June 1, 2008


This article describes the development of a mixed methods approach in a study of the financial implications of the death of a partner. The authors seek to integrate analysis and interpretation of quantitative data from the British Household Panel Survey with qualitative, in-depth interviews with recently bereaved people. A key aim is to build a team that is constantly sharing ideas and information from the two components to inform the combined methodology. The article shows how we are trying to mix methods and integrate ways of working, giving details of the practicalities and issues arising thus far. We further reflect on how integrated team working may lead to more inclusive and consensual ways of knowing and influence integrated outputs.

Published in

Journal of Mixed Methods Research


Volume: 2 (3):208-220




Originally 'Online First' Apr.2008

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