The distribution of assets, income and liabilities across UK households: results from the 2005 NMG Research survey

Publication type

Journal Article


Publication date

June 1, 2006


This article summarises the key results from the latest survey carried out for the Bank by NMG Research about the state of household finances. A relatively small proportion of households accounted for a large amount of the assets owned, income earned and debts owed by the whole sample. The majority of households appeared to be comfortable with their finances. But there were a small number of households who appeared to be in distress: typically they had below-average incomes and no or not many assets to draw on. The proportion of the sample in financial distress was little changed from a year earlier. The survey indicated that very few people viewed bankruptcy as a solution to debt problems.

Published in

Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin


Volume: 46 (1):35-44



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