Projections of the future path of the gender wage gap in Great Britain

Publication type

Journal Article


Publication date

June 1, 2005


The paper attempts to project the future trend of the gender wage gap in Great Britain up to 2031. Design/methodology/approach - The empirical analysis utilises the British Household Panel Study Wave F together with Office for National Statistics (ONS) demographic projections. The methodology combines the ONS projections with assumptions relating to the evolution of educational attainment in order to project the future distribution of human capital skills and consequently the future size of the gender wage gap. Findings - The analysis suggests that gender wage convergence will be slow, with little female progress by 2031 unless there is a large rise in returns to female experience. Originality/value - The paper has projected the pattern of male and female skill acquisition together with the associated trend in wages up to 2031.

Published in

International Journal of Manpower


Volume: 26 (4):350-363



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