Migration decision-making processes. An empirical investigation -PhD Thesis-

Publication type

Thesis/Degree/Other Honours


Publication date

June 1, 2000


This thesis makes four key contributions to knowledge. The first three are based on the detailed and systematic analysis of the reasons for residential migration behaviour of owner-occupiers in Scotland, using the MHCS. Firstly, the reasons for moving, as suggested by previously small-scale research, have been confirmed by this large-scale data set. Secondly, this thesis has extended - and in some cases refuted - the findings of previous research by investigating the bivariate associations between each of the reasons for moving and each possible explanatory variables (these being characteristics of migrants, of their home and of the distances they move). This has been investigated using much wider selection of reasons for moving and of characteristics than has been previously done. Thirdly, this thesis has shown that life-cycle stage exerts a considerable amount of influence on the reasons given for moving, whilst still operating in conjunction with other variables, such as distance moved and housing features. The MHCS can, for the first time, enable research into the connection between the factors influencing migration flows and the factors influencing motivations for migration.
Fourthly, this thesis has investigated how migration decisions and preference for migration relate over time, using longitudinal data (the BHPS). This has shown that a considerable amount of latent mobility is present in Britain, and even more importantly, has identified the characteristics of the latent migrants and frequent movers. In addition, this thesis has offered some methodological pointers for future migration research.
Overall, the use of these two important but under-utilised data sets, the MHCS and the BHPS, have enabled analyses to be undertaken that are unique in the history of migration research.



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