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Book Chapter Experimental methods in survey research: techniques that combine random sampling with random assignment Ch. 15

Mounting multiple experiments on longitudinal social surveys: design and implementation considerations



Paul J. Lavrakas, Michael W. Traugott, Courtney Kennedy, Allyson L. Holbrook, Edith de Leeuw, and Brady T. West

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This chapter summarizes key methodological features and challenges based on experiences with the Understanding Society Innovation Panel, a probability-based household panel with annual interviews that exists solely for the purposes of experimentation and methodological development. The aim is to raise awareness of unique issues that arise when mounting multiple independent experiments on the same survey vehicle and, particularly, when the survey and the experiments are longitudinal. The chapter provides an overview of the types of experiments that can be carried in longitudinal surveys, and discusses the distinction between longitudinal experiments and experiments in longitudinal studies. It also provides an overview of international longitudinal studies that are used as platforms for experimentation, and discusses the introduction of refreshment samples, which is a particular feature of longitudinal surveys that can strengthen the experimental setting. The chapter ends with a discussion of key lessons learned and possible future methodological developments.



Survey Methodology and Surveys



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