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Are there ethnic differences in adherence to recommended health behaviours related to COVID-19?


Publication date

Jun 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic has not impacted all ethnicities equally in the UK: as early as three months into the first wave, evidence was mounting that non-White British were much more likely to be hospitalised by COVID-19, and more than two times more likely to die of COVID-19 than the white British majority once age and geographical factors were taken into account.Using data from a one-of-a-kind survey of recent university graduates from the UK, MiSoC researchers Angus Holford, Renee Luthra and Adeline Delavande provide new evidence on the role of socioeconomic and demographic factors as well as the strength of ethnic ties in determining adherence to recommended health behaviours during the pandemic.



Social Networks, Young People, Ethnic Groups, Health, Social Behaviour, and Covid 19


Download -; MiSoC Explainers: Ethnicity and Migration -


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