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A watershed moment for social policy and human rights? Where next for the UK post-COVID


Publication date

25 Jun 2021


With the ideological shift to neoliberalism and the introduction of austerity measures following the Global Recession, the UK has experienced divestment in the National Health Service, growing food bank use, increasing housing problems and growing inequities in access to digital services. These inequities have been both highlighted and compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Questioning the ideology that economic growth should be prioritised above all else, this book demonstrates that an alternative approach to social policy, based on human rights and social justice, is necessary to tackle the existing systemic inequalities brought to the foreground by COVID-19.


Politics, Law And Legislation, Information And Communication Technologies, Social Exclusion, Social Inclusion, Economics, Poverty, Public Policy, Welfare Benefits, Government, Well Being, Societies, Health, Housing Market, and Covid 19

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