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Archival and secondary data


Publication date

Jun 2021


Data archives provide rich and expansive sources of information for researchers. Part of the SAGE Qualitative Research Kit, this book highlights the utility of secondary data analyses whilst showing you how to select the right datasets for your study, and in turn get the most out of your research. Practical, up-to-date guidance on secondary data research. Covers topics such as: Generating a research question, selecting datasets and variables, examining univariate, bivariate and multivariate associations, and visualisng your data via tables or graphs Includes an extensive case study to see the entire process in action This accessible resources boost students with know-how and confidence, helping them succeed on their quantitative research journey


Statistical Analysis, Research, Surveys, and Higher Education



Not held in Hilary Doughty Research Library - bibliographic reference only; Volume part of: Williams, M., Wiggins, R.D., and McCoach, B. (eds.) (2021) ‘The SAGE Quantitative Research Kit’. London: SAGE.


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