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Book Chapter Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 31: A Diversity of Paradigms No. 6

The changing psychological type profile and psychological temperament of Church of England clergy



Ralph W. Hood and Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor

Publication date

Dec 2020


As part of the Church Growth Research Programme in 2013 Voas and Watt collected the psychological profiles of 1,164 clergymen and 307 clergywomen serving in stipendiary parochial ministry, using the Francis Psychological Type Scales. This paper sets these data alongside the profile of 626 clergymen and 237 clergywomen published in 2007. This comparison suggests a significant movement among both clergymen and clergywomen away from intuition and away from perceiving. This results in a significant increase in the SJ temperament among Anglican clergy (from 31% to 39% among clergymen and from 29% to 40% among clergywomen), suggesting a movement toward a more conserving and less adventurous approach to ministry. At the same time the gap has narrowed in the preference between thinking and feeling among clergymen and clergywomen, enhancing the feminine profile of clergymen and reducing the feminine profile of clergywomen.



Psychology and Religion


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