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Research Paper CPC Policy Briefings 54

How has the Covid-19 crisis impacted parents’ relationships with their children?


Publication date

Jul 2020


While the Covid-19 crisis may have created unprecedented challenges for parents and children, it appears to have strengthened relationships for many families.
This Policy Briefing discusses results from the May COVID-19 survey of Understanding Society, a longitudinal household study that has collected data since 2009. We analysed the answers of 5566 parents who answered the parent-child relationship questions.
About a quarter of parents reported that their relationship with their children had become better since the government’s stay at home policy. Fewer than 5% reported it had become worse.
However, while for many it has proved a positive experience, it is important to take note of the difficulties faced by certain groups. This will help families face future challenges posed by the continuing pandemic crisis.


Public Policy, Well Being, Health, Sociology Of Households, and Covid 19



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