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Book Wiley Series in Survey Methodology

Advances in comparative survey methods: multinational, multiregional, and multicultural contexts (3MC)


Timothy P. Johnson, Beth-Ellen Pennell, Ineke A.L. Stoop, and Brita Dorer

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Covers the latest methodologies and research on international comparative surveys with contributions from noted experts in the field Advances in Comparative Survey Methodology examines the most recent advances in methodology and operations as well as the technical developments in international survey research. With contributions from a panel of international experts, the text includes information on the use of Big Data in concert with survey data, collecting biomarkers, the human subject regulatory environment, innovations in data collection methodology and sampling techniques, use of paradata across the survey lifecycle, metadata standards for dissemination, and new analytical techniques. This important resource: Contains contributions from key experts in their respective fields of study from around the globe; Highlights innovative approaches in resource poor settings, and innovative approaches to combining survey and other data; Includes material that is organized within the total survey error framework; Presents extensive and up-to-date references throughout the book. Written for students and academic survey researchers and market researchers engaged in comparative projects, this text represents a unique collaboration that features the latest methodologies and research on global comparative surveys.


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