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Report Contemporary Fathers in the UK

Cash or carry? Fathers combining work and care in the UK


Publication date

Dec 2017


Cash or carry is the first report from the Contemporary Fathers in the UK series, which explores key sections of our new library of literature on UK fathers and fatherhood. The report looks at paid work and unpaid care-giving.
In post-industrial economies, reconciling provisioning and daily care of one’s family is an important task for both men and women. The bulk of our report examines how contemporary British fathers manage such reconciliation, and the contexts (cultural, legislative, institutional, social and familial) framing their behaviour.
Almost all the findings we present here are drawn from studies of two-parent families. When there is research evidence on fathers who parent their children alone or for part of the time we report on it – but such research is rare. It is also rare for two-parent-family research to distinguish between birth fathers and ‘social’ fathers (stepfathers, mothers’ boyfriends, adoptive fathers, foster fathers, and so on).


Time Use, Young People, Child Development, Labour Market, Public Policy, Sociology Of Households, and Caregiving


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