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Journal Article

Exploring the value of Understanding Society for neighbourhood effects analyses


Publication date

25 Mar 2017


Related data set “Understanding Society: Waves 1-6, 2009-2015” with DOI in repository “UK Data Service”.Understanding Society is a large representative household panel study for the UK. The study follows the same 40,000 households over time, beginning in 2009 and providing a detailed picture of how people’s lives are changing. One of the many innovative features of Understanding Society is that a great deal of information about neighbourhoods can be used alongside the individual and household-level information collected in the study, making it a useful study for neighbourhood effects analyses. In this paper we explore four Understanding Society data products, based on four different types of rural-urban neighbourhood classifications, to throw light on how much heterogeneity in neighbourhood contexts is captured in the first waves of Understanding Society, including change in neighbourhood contexts.

Published in

Research Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Volume and page numbers

2 , 1 -22





Area Effects, Geography, Survey Methodology, and Surveys


Open Access


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