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The homelessness monitor: England 2016


Publication date

Jan 2016


The homelessness monitor is a longitudinal study providing an independent analysis of the homelessness impacts of recent economic and policy developments in England. It considers both the consequences of the post-2007 economic and housing market recession, and the subsequent recovery, and also the impact of policy changes. This fifth annual report updates our account of how homelessness stands in England in 2016, or as close to 2016 as data availability allows. It also highlights emerging trends and forecasts some of the likely future changes, identifying the developments likely to have the most significant impacts on homelessness. While this report focuses on England, parallel homelessness monitors are being published for other parts of the UK.


Social Exclusion, Economics, Poverty, Public Policy, Family Formation And Dissolution, and Housing Market



Used to inform: Great Britain. Parliament. ‘Homelessness Reduction Bill 2016-17’.

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