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Report Research Update 40

Bringing up baby


Publication date

Sep 2005


Using data from Wave 3 of the Northern Ireland Household Panel Survey (NIHPS) undertaken in 2003, this Research Update explores the different ways in which parents and children interact with one another in their daily lives. Included in this is the use, or otherwise, of physical punishment. KEY POINTS: 1) Two thirds of parents and children talk most days about things that matter to the child, although teenagers are less likely to do so. 2) One third of parents and children never quarrel with each other. 3) 71% of parents praise their children most days, especially mothers. While 86% of children aged under 4 years are praised every day, only half of 12-15 year olds are. 4) Teenage boys are the group least likely to be hugged or cuddled, especially by fathers. 5) Three out of five parents do not slap or spank their children.6) Physical punishment is used more on boys than girls across all ages.


Young People, Childbearing: Fertility, and Sociology Of Households



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