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Topic briefing: Housing


Publication date

12 Jan 2016


Housing has always been an important issue in the UK. However since the financial crisis it has dominated the headlines and continues to do so. Understanding Society is the only representative annual longitudinal survey which asks respondents about various aspects of their housing situation, alongside other aspects of their lives – income, wealth, partnership, fertility, education, employment, and health. Most questions are asked every year of the same set of persons which enables research into the causes and consequences of changes in their lives. In other words the study provides a unique source of data and evidence in trying to understand how housing can affect people’s lives. There are significant differences in the make-up of housing and communities across UK nations and regions. Understanding Society’s large sample size and geo-coded data facilitates place-based analysis.
In this topic briefing we explore the content available to analyse in Understanding Society, highlight the types of research questions which could be explored and what research has already been carried out using the study. Finally we provide information about how easy it is to access the data and begin carrying out analysis yourself.


Public Policy, Household Economics, and Housing Market



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