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Journal Article

Multilevel structural equation models for longitudinal data where predictors are measured more frequently than outcomes: an application to the effects of stress on the cognitive function of nurses


Publication date

Jan 2017


Ecological momentary assessment is used to measure subjects' mood and
behaviour repeatedly over time, leading to intensive longitudinal data.
Variability in ecological momentary assessment schedules creates an
analytical challenge because predictors are measured more frequently
than responses. We consider this problem in a study of the effect of
stress on the cognitive function of telephone helpline nurses, where
stress is measured for each call and cognitive outcomes are measured at
the end of a shift. We propose a flexible structural equation model
which can handle multiple levels of clustering, measurement error, time
trends and mixed variable types.

Published in

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A (Statistics in Society)

Volume and page numbers

180 , 263 -283





Statistical Mathematics, Psychology, and Survey Methodology


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