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Conference Paper Understanding Society Scientific Conference 2015, 21-23 July 2015, University of Essex, Colchester, UK

Workshop - genetic data in Understanding Society (part 1): introduction


Publication date

22 Jul 2015


A number of population studies such as Understanding Society and the
1958 British Birth Cohort now provide richly phenotyped resources to
investigate genetic and environmental contributions to individual
health, behaviour and wellbeing. In this symposium we provide example of
potential uses of the data by both the genetic and social science
research communities. Prins et al., will describe the genome-wide data
now available from 10,484 samples in Understanding Society. Data have
been deposited in the European Genome Phenome Archive
( and a data access committee has been
established to enable data sharing
( Zabaneh et al.,
demonstrate a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of two cognitive
performance phenotypes in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
(ELSA) which will be replicated with data from Understanding Society.
Davies et al., provides an example of the utility of published GWAS to
examine whether genetic markers associated with educational attainment
are also associated with labour market outcomes in the 1958 British
Birth Cohort. Fatemifar et al., have conducted a GWAS of Apolipoprotein E
in ELSA and will use the rich phenotype data available in Understanding
Society to describe the biological and cognitive significance of
associated genetic markers. Garfield et al., uses genetic markers from
published GWAS of adiposity and a technique called Mendelian
Randomisation to understand their association with sleep duration.
Discussion will focus on these examples and additional uses of the
genetic data available in Understanding Society, and how these data will
serve to enhance both social science and genetic research.


Medicine, Science And Technology, Research, Health, Surveys, and Biology



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