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Report Insights from Housing Policy Research

The impacts of affordable housing on health: a research summary


Publication date

Apr 2015


Housing is well understood to be an important social determinant of
physical and mental health and well-being. In the context of ongoing
national and state efforts to reform health care, it is important for
policymakers to understand the various pathways through which housing
affects health. As an update to earlier reviews on the relationship
between housing and health, the authors examined recent research on the
various ways in which the production, rehabilitation, or other provision
of affordable housing may affect health outcomes for children, adults,
and older adults.1 This report is organized around ten hypotheses on the
contribution of affordable housing to supporting positive health


Poverty, Public Policy, Well Being, Health, and Housing Market



References: Taylor, M.P., Pevalin, D., and Todd, J. (2006) ‘The Psychological Costs of Unsustainable Housing Commitments’, ISER Working Paper Series, No. 2006-08. Colchester: University of Essex. Institute for Social and Economic Research.


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