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Scotland’s mental health: children & young people 2013 - full report


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Publication date

Dec 2013


This report provides the first systematic assessment of mental health and its contextual factors for children and young people (C&YP) in Scotland. It analyses 73 indicators from the previously established national C&YP mental health indicator set. These cover both the state of mental health (mental wellbeing and mental health problems) and its context (including individual, family, learning environment, community and structural factors). Where possible, the report provides an analysis of time trends over the last decade for mental health outcomes and the wider contextual factors. Equalities analyses by age, gender, area-based deprivation and urban-rural classification were undertaken for mental health outcomes and a description of contextual factors by age and gender is also reported.


Young People, Public Policy, Well Being, and Health



Uses BHPS for persistent poverty measures, and refers to future use of Understanding Society for the same


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